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Divorce is never easy for anyone but can be particularly harsh on parents. Where two people were able to share the burden of child-rearing, now the bulk of the responsibility could rest with a single parent. However, most parents do have a right to see their children. If one parent seeks to deny or limit visitation to the other parent, this might have a devastating effect on the child.

Types of Visitation

A court could rule that if you don’t get partial custody of your child, you at least have some visitation rights.

There are three types of visitation the court could grant:

  • Reasonable
  • Fixed
  • Supervised

Reasonable visitation includes leaving it to the parents to decide visitation time. For separating couples able to agree on a schedule, this is the best option. However, the parent with custodial rights does have more power and influence over how long visitation will last and under what circumstances. If the custodial parent is belligerent in allowing visitation rights, the noncustodial parent can ask the judge to intervene.

A judge can then issue fixed visitation, or a ruling on exactly how often the noncustodial parent can visit the child. For example, the noncustodial parent could be granted Monday and Friday nights, meaning the child would spend those time periods with them. Judges might rely on fixed visitation when there is a conflict between parents or to provide the child with a sense of stability.

If a spouse was abusive in the past, he or she would still have a right to visit his or her children, but under close observation. This type of visitation is supervised, meaning the abusive parent can only interact with his or her child while accompanied by another adult.

Grandparents’ Rights

Sometimes courts must intervene on behalf of grandparents who wish to visit their grandchildren. When couples divorce, a parent unrelated to their ex-spouse’s parents may not want to interact with them anymore. If this happens, the grandparents must prove that by restricting their visitation rights, it will cause emotional damage to the child. However, more and more cases of grandparents winning visitation rights have happened in the past few decades.

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