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Stepparent Adoption in Maryland

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There are many instances where someone marries another person who has children from a previous relationship. In addition to the joy of being part of a loving family, many stepparents wish to adopt their stepchildren, giving them legal rights to make parenting decisions on behalf of their stepchildren and providing a layer of security if the biological parent is completely out of the picture.

If you are interested in adopting your stepchildren in Maryland, our Waldorf family law attorneys at the Law Office of Robert R. Castro can help you make your family whole. We understand the requirements required by the court to finalize an adoption and can ensure that you have everything you need to obtain the outcome you desire.

Maryland Stepparent Adoption Process

The stepparent adoption process is similar to regular adoptions in Maryland, which starts when a person petitions to the state’s circuit court. Then the petitioner must obtain consent from the child’s noncustodial parent or terminate their parental rights.

Obtaining consent is often the most difficult aspect of stepparent adoption. While some parents voluntarily give up their parental rights to give the stepparent legal, financial, and child support responsibilities, some parents are reluctant to terminate their rights.

If a biological parent doesn’t consent, the petitioner must request
a court hearing and must show either of the following:

  • The biological parent abandoned the child
  • The biological parent fails to meet the requirements of a legal “presumed father”
  • The biological parent fails to respond.

The court will make a decision based on the best interests of the stepchild. If the stepchild is of mature age, he/she can also provide consent for a stepparent adoption. The court can terminate a biological parent’s rights, allowing the adoption process to proceed without requiring consent.

Our Waldorf adoption lawyers can handle all the paperwork, gather evidence, and create an effective case strategy to get the best possible results. The most important thing is to demonstrate that being a parent to your stepchild is in his/her best interests.

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Nothing brings our Waldorf family lawyers more joy than helping grow a family and making the household a more stable and secure place for children. Since complications can arise, having us on your side throughout the process can make a significant, positive difference.

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