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Modifications in Maryland

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When a divorce is finalized, there are several orders—such as child custody, child support, and alimony—each party must abide by. However, life is full of unexpected surprises which could prevent individuals from not being able to fulfill their monthly duties.

Whether you are behind on child support payments or interesting in relocating to another county or state, it is possible to obtain a modification in court to change the terms of a specific order. At the Law Office of Robert R. Castro, our Waldorf family lawyers can assess your situation, listen to your story, and help you find a resolution that works for you.

We can help you seek a modification for the following circumstances:

  • Decreasing or increasing child support
  • Changing child custody or visitation
  • Relocation of a child
  • Removal of a child

What is a Material Change in Circumstance?

To obtain a modification on a divorce order, you prove to the court that there is a “material change of circumstance.” This type of change is typically an event which significantly alters the conditions of the child’s life enough that it is in the best interests of the child to change the current order.

Common examples of material change of circumstances include:

  • A noncustodial parent is involuntarily unemployed (i.e. fired or laid off) and can no longer afford the monthly child support payments.
  • A custodial parent receives a job promotion, now the noncustodial parent wishes to pay less child support now that the former can provide more for the child.
  • A child requires additional medical care or educational needs, which is why the custodial parent seeks an increase in child support.
  • A custodial parent wishes to move to another state with a child due to a better career opportunity or more family support, so he/she seeks modification in the child custody order.
  • A parent who lost parental rights has overcome addiction and wishes to retain some form of custody.

The court will also often assess several factors, such as each parent’s relationship with the child, the ability and desire of each parent to provide the best home possible, and the ability of each parent to work together. Having an experienced attorney on your side can help you successfully argue your points and obtain the outcome you desire.

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