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Before a couple of divorces in Maryland, they are required to be legally separated for at least 12 consecutive months. However, the state refers to legal separation as a “limited divorce,” enabling couples to live in separate homes and obtain court orders concerning custody and financial issues—all while still being married to one another. To ensure you get the most favorable outcome possible, you must hire an experienced lawyer to protect your rights and best interests.

Our Waldorf divorce attorneys at the Law Office of Robert R. Castro have a comprehensive understanding of Maryland family law to guide you through the complexities of the divorce process. We can handle all the paperwork, meet all the deadlines, negotiate with your best interests in mind, and help you secure the most favorable agreement possible, while you focus on getting a fresh start in life.

Legal Separation in Maryland

While most states offer “no-fault” divorces, separation is the only “no-fault” ground for divorce in Maryland. There are two main types of separations: voluntary separation and two years of separation. The former means both spouses agreed to separate without any misconduct involved, while the latter means one spouse can obtain a divorce after being separated for two years—even if the other spouse doesn’t want to end the marriage.

Spouses must do the following to be considered separated:

  • Live in separate homes (i.e. not sleeping in different rooms)
  • Avoid sexual intercourse with one another

In addition, a “trial separation” is available for couples who do not know if they want to divorce. Keep in mind, the amount of time spent in trial separation will not count toward the 12-month voluntary separation period, which is required to obtain an “absolute divorce.” In order to obtain an absolute divorce on no-fault grounds in Maryland, you must first file for a limited divorce first.

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