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  • My Spouse Just Asked for a Divorce – What Do I Do Now?

    Take a deep breath and try to stay calm. Remember to treat your spouse with respect and keep your relationship amicable, as it will help make the next steps easier. Give yourself time to process your feelings and get professional help if you need it. Then, start doing some research. There are plenty of resources […]

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  • How Do I Choose a Divorce Attorney?

    Every divorce is different and so is every divorce attorney. That’s why choosing the right lawyer is so important. You need someone you can trust to prioritize your personal and financial goals and someone with experience in family law. No one expects to get divorced, and many people don’t know how to choose a good […]

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  • How is Property Divided in Maryland Divorce Cases?

    To finalize a divorce, the separating couple must decide how to divide their property. The way that property is divided varies between states and on a case by case basis. A couple may need to follow the laws of their state, but the way that their property is divided could depend on the unique circumstances […]

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  • Maryland Marriage Licenses and Certificates: What to do Before and After the Big Day

    With springtime just a month away, many recently engaged couples are excitedly anticipating the arrival of long-planned wedding days. According to, almost 80% of weddings take place between May and October. At all of these events, beyond the music, flowers, cake, dresses, suits and all the other details that will make the day memorable and […]

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  • Dividing Retirement Benefits in the Case of a Maryland Divorce

    In a divorce case, the division of property that the spouses acquired during the marriage can be a complicated and contentious matter. When the parties are not able to work out by themselves how to divide their marital property, the decision will be made by the courts. In Maryland, marital property is divided according to […]

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  • What to Do When You are Served with Maryland Divorce Papers

    In some situations, a spouse may be anticipating the receipt of divorce papers, but in others, being served with a petition for divorce catches someone completely off guard. It does not matter whether you were prepared or not. If you have been served with divorce papers, you need to take action right away to protect […]

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  • De Facto Parenting and Attorney’s Fees in Maryland

    Maryland law allows a court, in its discretion, to award costs and attorney’s fees to the prevailing party in an action involving child custody, support, or visitation. Last summer, Maryland’s second highest court ruled that “de facto” parents are among those who can recover attorney’s fees and costs in connection with custody and visitation disputes. […]

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