Compassionate Lawyers For Restraining Orders

People facing domestic abuse and/or potential abuse can get a restraining order. Restraining orders, also called protection orders, are court orders that can give the requestor the ability to prevent contact with an abuser, gain temporary family law rights and many other protections. If an abuser breaks the terms of a restraining order, the requestor can call the police and have them arrested.

The restraining order lawyers at The Law Office of Robert R. Castro help people get protective orders and defend the rights of those accused of abuse. We can walk you through every step of filing for a restraining order and represent your interests in hearings. You can call our Waldorf, Maryland, office at 301-658-7502 to get immediate help with your case.

Peace Orders And Protective Orders

Peace and protective orders are two types of restraining orders that are available to people who have experienced abuse. Protective orders are for people who have had an established relationship with an abuser, such as a current or former spouse or a family member. Peace orders are for people who are not eligible for protective orders. Protective orders give people more rights, such as temporary child custody, and more protections compared to a peace order.

The grounds for applying for a protective order or peace order include:

  • Assault and battery
  • Stalking, trespassing and destruction or property
  • Rape or sexual crimes
  • Harassment and digital messages

Representation For Restraining Order Hearings

Our attorneys can guide you through every step of the court process. We can help you get a temporary restraining order which will confer immediate protections. Our lawyers understand these cases from both sides of the courtroom and can represent your best interests. We can help separating couples with all aspects of the legal process, including drafting a separation agreement.

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