Skilled Guidance For Establishing Paternity

Paternity is the legal process that establishes a person as the parent of a child. While married couples automatically have paternity established, an unmarried father may need to voluntarily claim paternity or establish it through a paternity test.

Paternity is important to both parents because it allows them to gain custody of their children and request child support payments. At The Law Office of Robert R. Castro, we assist both mothers and fathers in establishing paternity. Our Waldorf attorneys represent paternity clients across Maryland, including people in Charles, Prince George's and St. Mary's counties. We can review your case in a consultation and give you a plan for how our lawyers will help.

DNA Testing And Paternity

A court may order a DNA test if a father contests their parenthood. These tests have an accuracy range of at least 90 percent and work by comparing the blood samples of a mother, child and potential father. If you are attempting to establish or need help challenging a paternity claim, we can fight to protect your best interests.

Get Capable Advice From A Legal Professional

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