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Alimony, also called spousal support and spousal maintenance, is a payment from one ex-spouse to another during and/or after a divorce filing. The length and value of an alimony payment can vary and there is no spousal support calculator in Maryland. Because of the lack of hard guidelines, the outcome of a spousal support case depends on the presented legal arguments and feelings of the judge. This means that your choice of alimony lawyer can play a large role in determining case results.

At The Law Office of Robert R. Castro, we fight to get our clients favorable alimony agreements. Our Waldorf divorce attorneys protect the rights of people across Maryland, including Charles, Prince George's and St. Mary's counties. We can examine the details of your legal separation and give you a personalized assessment in a free consultation.

How Is Spousal Maintenance Determined In Maryland?

The family court uses many factors when determining the amount and length of alimony. The guiding factors used by the court include a person's ability to support themselves and gain the skills needed for economic independence. Our attorneys will work closely with you to create a legal strategy that gets your desired results.

The Maryland Family Law Code §11-106 outlines a few factors used to decide if alimony is appropriate, including but not limited to:

Changing Or Terminating An Alimony Agreement

While the family courts can modify, terminate or extend some spousal support agreements, the law requires a substantial change in circumstances. These circumstances include the alimony receiver gaining employment or the alimony-payor retiring. Because of the high barrier required to change an agreement, we recommend working with our law firm to get the best possible initial alimony agreement.

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