Aggressive Lawyers For All Aspects Of A Divorce

Filing for divorce can lead to a complex legal process that can involve child custody disputes, support agreements and an array of other legal challenges. The agreements created during a divorce can have a long-lasting effect on your life and may be difficult to change. Without a knowledgeable divorce lawyer, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the divorce process.

At The Law Office of Robert R. Castro, we guide our clients through these challenging cases and work to get them the best possible outcome. Our Waldorf office offers consultations to clients across Maryland so that we can discuss their case in a no-pressure environment. We can help clients at any stage of their divorce, including people who have not yet filed a divorce petition.

Comprehensive And Personalized Legal Service

Our attorneys create close working relationships with clients and strive to understand their goals and priorities. Based on the individual case details, we give our clients their case options and create individualized legal approaches.

We help clients with all parts of a divorce filing, including but not limited to:

Our attorneys can also help clients find alternatives to divorce such as an annulment or legal separation agreement. We will check the unique details of your case and then recommend the path that can get the results that you want.

Proven Attorneys For Confrontational Divorce Filings

People who are unable to work with an ex-spouse need effective representation for their high-conflict divorce filing. Our experienced attorneys have managed many combative divorce cases and will fight to protect your interests. We will create an effective courtroom strategy and work to get you an efficient case outcome.

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