We Will Fight For Your Parental Visitation Rights

One key aspect of a child support agreement is visitation. Visitation is the time that a noncustodial parent can see their child and build a relationship. Determining visitation time and getting a fair agreement is often a contentious battle for many parents.

At The Law Office of Robert R. Castro, we fight to get our Maryland clients fair child custody agreements. Our aggressive lawyers can create a child visitation agreement that defends your parental rights and gets your deserved time. Our Waldorf law firm has protected the visitation rights of clients for decades and we will bring that experience to your case.

Understanding Visitation Time In Maryland

While divorcing or separating parents can work out a visitation agreement without a court case, the court may get involved if they cannot come to a compromise. The guiding principle for determining visitation is what is in the best interests of a child and how can the child build strong relationships with both parents.

Visitation can take different forms, including but not limited to:

  • Reasonable visitation: The parents must work with each other to decide a fair visitation schedule. This type of visitation agreement is for parents that can cooperate for the best interests of a child.
  • Fixed visitation: A judge orders the exact time where a non-custodial parent will have parental visitation. This type of visitation is for parents that are still in conflict after a divorce.
  • Supervised visitation: A parent can visit their child under professional supervision. Judges may order this type of visitation if a parent abuses or neglects their child.

In some cases, grandparents may also receive visitation time to see their grandchildren. If you are a grandparent, our attorneys can check your unique case circumstances and tell you the best way to protect your grandparents' rights.

Modifying And Enforcing Visitation Agreements

If the other parent prevents you from seeing your child, our law firm can help you enforce the terms of your visitation agreement. Parents cannot withhold visitation time, even if the other parent is behind on child support payments.

We also help clients with modification to visitation agreements, such as if there was a relocation request. Our attorneys will work with you to determine the best course of action for your case.

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